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Business Optimisation Professionals
To produce reports, sales proposals, letters and fact sheets quickly and easily in-house with corporate branding across all templates.

Neil Jensen from Business Optimisation Professionals contacted Custom Templates wanting to simplify the creation of proposals and reports. He wanted his corporate correspondence to look professional, with a theme flowing across all documents. He emphasised the need to be able to produce good quality documentation in house using Microsoft Office products.

Custom Templates worked together with one of our Graphic Design Agencies to create a corporate look for Business Optimisation Professionals and created a series of powerful cover page images to incorporate into their sales proposal and fact sheet templates.

We then set about creating user friendly templates to quickly and easily produce these documents in house for users with varying PC skills.

Template Requirement
The templates required by Business Optimisation Professionals were:
A fully automated combined Report/Sales Proposal Word template with locked formatting
A fully automated Letter Word Template
A non-automated Fact Sheet Publisher template.
Template Overview

Report/Sales Proposal
A fully automated Report/Sales Proposal template was created for Business Optimisation Professionals. We locked the styles in the template to ensure no style corruption could take place but maintained flexibility by adding buttons on the customised ribbon tab to access various menus.

We created a dialog box that appears when users choose to create a new report or sales proposal. From here, the user can:

Choose the type of document, ie a report or sales proposal
Choose the image to use of the front page
Enter core document information that is then populated throughout the document, including headers and footers
Opt to stamp the document with the word “Draft”

Sample Dialog Box

This dialog box can be re-accessed and the information changed and updated at any stage.

We customised the ribbon so that the user has an easy point of reference to find all of the automation tools built into the template.

Sample 2007 customised ribbon tab

Sample Cover Page

A fully automated Letterhead template was created for Business Optimisation Professionals.

The fully automated letterhead begins with a dialog box where users can enter the core information. For instance, the user can:

Type in the addressee details or insert details from their Outlook Contacts list.
Enter core document information that is then populated throughout the document, including headers and footers
Enter CC and enclosure information
Store their Sender details so that each user doesn’t need to retype their details each time they create a letter.
Stamp their document Private and Confidential

Select the paper medium to print to

Sample letter dialog box

Any spaces created from text boxes not required will be closed up so there are no unsightly gaps in the letter.

A customised ribbon tab is created for easy access to automation features.

2007 Customised Ribbon

Sample of Populated Letter

Fact Sheet
We set up a single page non-automated Fact Sheet for the Business Optimisation Professionals.

The key features of this template were:

Three Master Cover Pages were created for the user to select and apply
Styles created for easy application
Text boxes set up on the page ready for population
The Fact sheet is ready for publishing in-house, commercially or on the web.

Sample Publisher template
Client Feedback
We were losing so much time on preparing proposals that seemed so repetitive in nature that we thought “there has to be a better way to do this”. Then a business colleague of mine suggested we make contact with Fiona Durante of Custom Templates and it seemed like our prayers had been heard. We have reduced the time to prepare a sales proposal by 50% and all of our documents have a consistent and professional feel about them. Not only has it saved us time but our clients have noticed the theming and paid compliments to us on its professionalism. We are forever indebted to the team at Custom Templates. We are also spreading the word around town about their services.

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Business Optimisation Professionals
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