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Custom Templates are experts in Word. Our Word templates are set up to reflect your branding guidelines include your branding elements such as logos, address panels and watermarks have a full selection of styles, including headings, body text, bullets and numbering include custom headers and footers on first, follower and last pages
(if required), have an easy access custom toolbar or ribbon include click-to-type prompts where appropriate.

Word services:

non-automated templates which include click-to-type prompts in all areas requiring data entry.

fully automated templates where users receive an editable prompt box to enter core information. Automated tasks are just a mouse-click away.

Examples of automated tasks may be inserting a new section as a landscape page being able to select from a drop-down list of offices which will then be reflected in your document including or excluding pages from a report  such as Executive Summaries, Table of Contents, Bibliographies) Inserting pictures with caption prompts and at a set size and wrap when pictures are inserted into your document. clicking a button to apply a custom colour An example of a fully automated template is a company letterhead where users receive a prompt box to enter the recipient’s name and address, tick a box to mark the letter confidential, private and confidential, or without prejudice, and select the print style – to PDF or to pre-printed stationery. The prompt box will also gather signoff details, cc’s and enclosures. Once entered the information will populate the document and the user is then ready to type the body of the document. You can even click a button to extract data from a database. Any task you perform which is repetitive can be automated.

partially automated templates where the document is mainly set up with click-to-type fields but has the power of automation for a couple of key tasks.

An example of partially automated template is a letter set up with click-to-type prompts, but automated to turn branding elements on or off when printing to pre-printed letterhead, PDF or plain paper.

Fully automated flexible locked templates where the template is locked to fully protect your style but users are given tools to access essential formatting tools normally not available in a protected document.

We have a range of options to suit your budget.

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